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During the African cichlids keeping I have bred various species of these fish and there were various and interesting differences. You can read about these experience in the following articles. I will add the species characteristics which I kept here and have them documented. I'm tying to describe the fishes using my own experience because some of the details may differ from the other fish keeper experience. In case I'm keeping some of the listed species at the moment, the information published here are not final and the text and pictures will be updated by new observations.


Tropheus sp. black "Bemba"

Tropheus of the „black“ group are characterized by black or black-brown basic color with the bright band... read »

Tropheus sp. black "Ikola"

Coming soon...

Tropheus sp. red "Ndole"

Coming soon...


Chindongo demasoni

Ch. demasoni belongs to the so called mbuna cichlids . The fish have a dark-blue white coloration... read »

Chindongo flavus

Ch. flavus is, in my opinion, an underestimated species. It is one of the smaller cichlids, the male has ... read »

Chindongo saulosi "Coral Red"

Ch. saulosi is rather known cichlid which is the former species for the human »



Description of my aquariums, breeding history, photos and everything that happened in each tank during the time.


Tips and tricks for doing a various tools and equipment for fish keeping. Here, you will find an inspiration for your own attempts to simplify the fish keeping.


My own experience with African cichlids breeding. A detailed description of fish keeping and breeding with special things I found during the years of fish keeping.



My own photos anf videos of fish kept in my tanks.

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