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My webs

Besides of fish keeping I’m also addicted to other activities professionally or as a hobbyist. If you are interested in which activities, visit any of my other sites ;-)


Toxi stránkyToxi stránky

Toxicology dedicated web. I work on the field of toxicology in my research work and in my teaching (esp. food toxicology). As I have created the study subject Food Toxicology, I provide the newest information on this field of science here. In Slovak. more »

Slovak CastlesSlovak Castles

Web site on Slovak castles. Even the most of the Slovak castles are ruined, it is a good idea to visit them. In English. more »


Web dedicated to photography, or better to presentation of my photos. I like photography and I often find really nice scenery or details during my wanderings over the nature. A few pics only as I have no time to update this site regularly. Language isn't important :-) more »


Description of my aquariums, breeding history, photos and everything that happened in each tank during the time.


Tips and tricks for doing a various tools and equipment for fish keeping. Here, you will find an inspiration for your own attempts to simplify the fish keeping.


My own experience with African cichlids breeding. A detailed description of fish keeping and breeding with special things I found during the years of fish keeping.



My own photos anf videos of fish kept in my tanks.

Didn't you find your language? Write me, I will add it here!
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