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This is the list of most interesting aquarium web sites I know. Please, suggest other nice webs I have missed. Write me and I will add your site to the list.


TOP AQUA WEBSITES - - vote for the best aquarium sites.


AKVA MALAWI (CZ) - - many useful information not on Malawi only. Aquarium set up and other articles, technics, fishes, photos and photographing, videos and forum.
CICHLID-FORUM (EN) - - not only the forum but many good articles on cichlid keeping, gallery, videos, contests.
CICHLID-FULJER (SK) - - web of the experienced fishkeeper. Offers many African cichlid species, aquariums, 3D backgrounds, food and other accessories for fishkeeping.
CICHLID NEWS MAGAZINE (EN) - - a neccessary site for any African cichlid enthusiast. New fish imports.
MALAWI MAYHEM (EN) - - everything on the Malawi cichlids, articles, gallery, discussion.
POLIT (SK) - - Slovak division of Cichlids - Zídek Company specializes in the biotope aquariums with African cichlids. Aquarium design and realization, aquarium accessories, guidance.
SYDNEY´S CICHLID PAGE (EN) - - not only African cichlids, gallery, articles, very good DIY section.
TANGANYIKA & MALAWI AQUARIUM (CZ) - - site of the experienced African cichlid keeper.
THE CICHLIDROOM COMPANION (EN) - - anything on various cichlids. Manz articles, DIY etc.
TLAMOVCI (CZ) - - personal experience in African cichlids keeping, photogallery, fish for sale.
CICHLIDGALLERY (EN) - - not only African cichlids. Good articles and DIY.
TROPHEUS TANGANIKA (PL) - - good site focused on the Tropheus and other East African cichlids. Many aquarium pictures and various information.


AKVA (SK) - - very active forum on everything in the aquarium and outside it. Time to time the photocontest is organized.
AKVA MALAWI (CZ) - - good working and informative forum on cichlids. TIP.
AKVARISTA (CZ) - - very active forum on fishkeeping and others + contests.
AQUARIUM FORUM - NEW ZEALAND FISHROOM (EN) - - fresh and marine aquariums.
AQUATIC PLANT CENTRAL (EN) - - anything on the aquatic plants + photocontests.
CICHLID-FORUM (EN) - - very active and informative forum not only on cichlids + photocontest. TIP!
CICHLIDFORUM (SK) - - forium linked to well known and experienced Slovak cihlid keeper, Imro Fujler, concerning with everything on African Lakes cichlids.
MY FISHTANK (EN) - - fresh and marine fishkeeping forum.


AKVA (SK) - - various information on all kind of aquariiums and water animals and plants.
AKVARISTA (CZ) - - various information on all kind of aquariiums and water animals and plants.
AKVÁRIUM.SK (SK) - - various information on all kind of aquariiums and water animals and plants.
AQUA-FISH.NET - VAŠE AKVÁRIUM (SK) - - information on various fish and plant species, and biotope aquariums.
AQUA-VAI (CZ) - - information on various fish and plant species, mostly on the presonal experience basis.
ASTRID (SK) - - a successful fishkeeper's site on how to build an aquarium with strong healthy plants but not only about that.
HORÁCOVO AKVÁRIUM (CZ, EN, GER) - - information on aquarium setups, articles, personal observations written in the humorous style.
MY FISHTANK (EN) - - information on fishes and plants from all over the world.
PRICEMANIA - AKVARISTIKA (SK) - - various aquarium and terarium products for good prices.
RYBICKY (CZ) - // - various fishes, plants and suggestions.
SKALA (SK) - - site of one active not only fishkeeper.



Description of my aquariums, breeding history, photos and everything that happened in each tank during the time.


Tips and tricks for doing a various tools and equipment for fish keeping. Here, you will find an inspiration for your own attempts to simplify the fish keeping.


My own experience with African cichlids breeding. A detailed description of fish keeping and breeding with special things I found during the years of fish keeping.



My own photos anf videos of fish kept in my tanks.

Didn't you find your language? Write me, I will add it here!
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