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Aquarium fish keeping today relies heavily on scientific knowledge. The well-known personalities of aquarium fish keeping like Dr. Ad Konings, prof. Christian Sturmbauer and others devoted part of their work to science and bring the amount of knowledge in many areas of fish keeping, their life, genetic differences and other phenomena and processes that take place underwater and are invisible for the common people. In this section, you can read my articles that I have prepared mainly with the use of scientific literature to enrich the cichlids (but not only cichlids) breeding by some scientific facts. Articles are displayed except in the form of web pages also in the downloadable PDF format. Click the icon behind the article title.

malawi bloatMalawi Bloat: An African Cichlid Illness, A Fishkeeper's Nightmare And What Now?
One of the main causes of failures in Tropheus keeping is a disease which kills usually all fish within a few days. This disease is known as "Malawi Bloat" or "Bloat". read »

evolúcia TropheusTropheus Evolution In Lake Tanganyika.
African lakes have produced enormous variations in cichlid fish. Tanganyika Lake, whose age is estimated at 9 to 12,000,000 years, is the oldest East African lake and is hiding morphologically, genetically and behaviorally diverse group of cichlid fish. read »

kyslíkAn Oxygen Role In The Fish Life - Pros and Cons.

The positive effect of oxygen on living organisms is well known. Fish need oxygen to their life like terrestrial vertebrates do, although their mode of respiration is completely different. Since no lungs, oxygen from the water has to penetrate directly into the blood through tissues that are in direct contact with water, thus through the gills. read »



Description of my aquariums, breeding history, photos and everything that happened in each tank during the time.


Tips and tricks for doing a various tools and equipment for fish keeping. Here, you will find an inspiration for your own attempts to simplify the fish keeping.


My own experience with African cichlids breeding. A detailed description of fish keeping and breeding with special things I found during the years of fish keeping.



My own photos anf videos of fish kept in my tanks.

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