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419 L - Tropheus (2004)

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Dimensions: 127 x 60 x 55 cm
Tropheus sp. "black" Bemba - 15
Tropheus sp. "Ikola" - 15
Filtration: external DIY sump
Lighting: 2x36W Philips daylight, 2x36W Narva blue
Background: 3D DIY rocky
Sand: white, from beach of Cyprus
Rocks: white limestone


pH (measured by digital pH meter)
- tap water 6,84
- Monday morning, a day after the 30% water change: 7.57
- Sunday, right before the 30% water change: 7.52


Obr. - 420 l akvárium 1 deň po napustení, bočný pohľadIn this tank I have decided to make the background of real stone. But, I didn't want to cut the rocks again like I did with the tufa rocks. I had tried to find some easy cleavable and bright to white rocks. I had found them. The bottom was covered with white sand that I brought from nice beach in Cyprus (22 kg). It is composed of the small (to 1 mm) abrased pieces of shells and the common sand. The sand is very good because it never decays. The rest of the rocks are white limenstones found on a local hill. They look good and have sometimes nice holes and rounded edges.

The tank was filled in January 2004 and connected to the cycled external DIY sump previously used in the 250 litre tank. The pictures below show the tank right after it was filled (picture 1) and the next day (pics 2 and 3). The water was crystal clear from the beginning, there was no turbidity.
Obr. - 420 l akvárium po napustení Obr. - 420 l akvárium, 1 deň po napustení Initially, all the tank interior was bright, almost white and that was my goal because I wanted to put there my Tropheus sp. black "Bemba" from the 250 litre tank. The black color of Tropheus contrasts with the light background nicely. However, it was clear that it will be covered with the algae and will darken. Two weeks after the tank was filled I had bought 15 Tropheus sp. "Ikola" and they were released into the tank together with "Bembas". All seemed to be right. The oldest "Bembas" didn't mind the "Ikolas". About one month after the tank set up, brown-yellow algae appeared on all rocks and background. It looked very disgusting so one small Ancistrus was put into the tank and in 3 days the tank was absolutely algae free.

In March, the "Bembas" started to spawn, but the first spawns were not successful. The first fry appeared at the and of the year. I left them to grow in the main tank.

Obr. - 420 l akvárium, bočný pohľad Obr. - 420 l akváriumObr. - 420 l akvárium, bočný pohľad
2004 Obr. - 420 l akvárium Obr. - 420 l akvárium Obr. - 420 l akvárium Obr. - 420 l akvárium Obr. - 420 l akvárium
Copyright © 2003 - 2012 Robert Toman

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